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“International Journal of Instructional Technology and Educational Studies (IJITES) Published by (Digital Design, and Publishing Research Unit (DDPRU), Faculty of Education, Tanta University, Egypt). URL (https://edu.tanta.edu.eg/en/default.aspx)

 The Journal was evaluated by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities URL (http://egjournal.scu.eg/Home.php) and obtained the highest evaluation (7/7) for the years (2021) (2022) and the top ranking for the Journals of the Educational Studies Sector in Egypt. Is an open-access journal‏ ‏Published semi-annually peer-reviewed open-access academic international journal of Instructional Technology and Educational Studies, In ‎particular ( Learning and Instruction ,Teaching and Teacher Education, Methodology of the Social Sciences ,Education, general,  Technology

Instructional technology, Computers and Education).

The editorial board of the journal follows the ‎rules of ‎scientific refereeing followed by ‎scientific journals to ‎determine the validity of ‎the articles and papers ‎submitted to it. Each ‎paper is published after ‎written approval by ‎at least two referees. ‎

The journal's Studies is published in English languages.

All articles are released under the Creative Commons license for which authors and the editorial board duly complete a reciprocal agreement when authors submit their articles on the journal online management platform. (CC BY-NC 4.0).

Appropriate anti-plagiarism software (iThenticate) be used by the editorial office to check for similarities of submitted manuscripts with published papers.

Current Issue: Volume 4, Issue 2, April 2023 (April)